Wellness On Wheels (W.O.W)

Mobile Healthcare Clinic Services

Why W.O.W.?

Without health insurance or the ability to pay out of pocket many homeless individuals are left without consistent or adequate healthcare making them more likely to get sick and die than those with stable housing. When surveyed, many individuals experiencing homelessness mentioned feeling discriminated against by medical staffs and neighborhood clinics either because of their living arrangements, disheveled appearance, or malodorous body odor or perhaps for all three reasons.

As a result, many wait until a serious urgent health issue lands them in the emergency before they see a doctor. In many cases, by then it’s too late!

In fact, young homeless women are 31 times as likely to die early as housed young women.

Wellness on Wheels (W.O.W.) removes those barriers. Via a fully equipped mobile medical clinic provided by Claris Healthcare, HFA is prepared to deliver direct medical health services right to the tents of the street dwellers which includes but is not limited to; health screening for men and women (vital checks, nutrition counseling, Medical Referrals); STD, STI testing for men women and teens; Covid-19 testing and vaccinations; Pregnancy Testing and One-on-one counseling with long-term relational support.