Our Programs

Our programs use a people-first approach to serve those who need our help. Through our work in communities around the County of Los Angeles, we focus on spreading awareness, serving our neighbors and advocating for change to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

We currently have four programs working toward our lofty mission.

Nourishments To Tents

The goal of Nourishments to Tents is to alleviate mental illness through nutrition, using a Food and Mood thought process understanding the impact of nutrition on depression and mental illness.

Streets To Success

The goal of Streets To Success is to get people back on their feet in a variety of ways. It could look different for each individual, depending on their needs.

Wellness On Wheels

Bringing Wellness to those who cannot get to the clinic! This benefit will be made possible through a planned partnership with Homeless Free America and Claris Health mobile unit.

Project R.O.O.F.

With Project R.O.O.F. (Roof Over One Million Families), the ongoing pandemic has caused HFAM to adopt a more seismic shift in the way we repurpose and rethink all sorts of alternative living spaces from abandoned churches, & schools to shuttered inner city commercial store fronts and old hotels to provide a roof over “one-million families” facing or experiencing homelessness.