HFA was founded in August 2020. However, the vision of HFA, had been incubating in the heart and spirit of its founder for over three years. The organization began to gain traction after a program segment on HFA was aired on KTLA 11’s Good Day LA and seen by philanthropist Ron Hudson of Orange County. Being that Mr. Hudson’s passions for helping women and children in need mirrored the regards for and dedications of HFA founder Lou Hollingsworth, a proverbial match made in heaven relationship was formed between the two and HFA was born, and since that time has taken on a life of its own.

Our Story

Founded during the Coronavirus pandemic lock down in Los Angeles county, seeing the outcome of the homeless migration from the hide-away cubbies and freeway under passes to visible encampment communities being underserved due to inability to access resources such as Wi-fi for homeless children that were enrolled in school, and those same children losing very needed daily nutritional meals provided by the school lunch program.

“Feeding and housing people should be the easiest thing to do. Starting a nonprofit that helps meet these needs as well make life a little easier for those underserved and homeless. Improving the lives of our neighbors who might be struggling has been a life-long dream. Thanks to dedicated staff, generous supporters and caring volunteers, we will be able to touch so many lives.”

– Lou Hollingsworth Founder