We’re working to alleviate homelessness, one encampment at a time…

Homeless Free America (HFAM) is a non-denominational, non-sectarian faith based organization dedicated to securing aid to homeless women and children across America via a synergistic alliance with a myriad of public and private partners. HFAM endeavors daily to provide a plethora of beneficial services that include but are not limited to serving daily nourishing meals to tent dwellers, providing temporary and permanent housing, and mental wellness services, as well as wrap-around gap interventions.

We want to create the road map for change by expanding our operations quickly and strategically. We believe in having all hands on deck to make a real difference.

The Challenge

More than 66,436 people in Los Angeles County are experiencing homelessness. The impact of systemic racism, and inadequate housing supply, and income inequality drives inflows to homelessness.

Our Solution

We’re getting the word out. Our programs, services, initiatives and overall approach have the power to improve lives and give the next generation a future they can be excited about. Learn about our approach and how we help.

Where We Work

Our organization will begin in the city and county of Los Angeles with hopes to expand nationwide. We have a variety of ways for everyone to get involved.

Who We Are

Our leaders have a passion for change and a deep desire to make a difference. We believe that it’s not what you say, it’s what you do.

Meet our amazing leadership…

Louis Hollingsworth


Lou was born and reared in Watts, California and has been actively involved in local politics and community activism since the 80s. He acquired a deep rooted passion for unhoused individuals especially women and children after experiencing homelessness himself, sleeping in his car in a hospital parking lot in the City of Inglewood.

Ron Hudson


Ron serves on the board of the Discovery Science Center as well as the board of Global Angels, a worldwide organization helping woman and children in 3rd world countries. 

Melvin Snell


Former 2020 political candidate for the Los Angeles City Council District 10. Past Marketing and Sales Agent for Philip Morris USA, and former Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulated agent. Melvin is a former member of the Los Angeles Sheriff Department’s clergy and active member of the National Action Network.

Sally Rowshan


Attorney and business owner who has a philanthropic passion to help transform the lives of women and children.

Rev. K.W Tulloss


Leading So Cal Community Activist, Senior Pastor of the historic Weller Street MBC and President of The National Action Network. Reverend Tulloss is also the president of the Baptist Ministers Conference of LA and was appointed to the LA County Consumer Affairs commission board.

Nicole Hampton


Community service advocate and volunteer. Nicole brings many years of administrative and executive assistance along with a deep desire to make changes in her community.